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Property Insurance provides protection against risks to property, such as fire, theft, or weather damage.
Available Lines of Coverage:
Liability Insurance is a very broad superset that covers legal claims against the insured. Many types of insurance include an aspect of liability coverage. For example, a homeowner's insurance policy will normally include liability coverage which protects the insured in the event of a claim brought by someone who slips and falls on the property; automobile insurance also includes an aspect of liability insurance that indemnifies against the harm that a crashing car can cause to others' lives, health, or property. The protection offered by a liability insurance policy is two fold: a legal defense in the event of a lawsuit commenced against the policyholder and indemnification (payment on behalf of the insured) with respect to a settlement or court verdict. Liability policies typically cover only the negligence of the insured, and will not apply to results of willful or intentional acts by the insured.
Windstorm Insurance is an insurance covering the damage that can be caused by hurricanes and tropical cyclones.
UmbrellaTypically, an umbrella policy is pure liability coverage over and above the coverage afforded by the regular policy, and is sold in increments of one million dollars.  The term "umbrella" is used because it covers liability claims from all policies underneath it, such as autos and homeowners policies. For example, if you have an auto insurance policy with liability limits of $500,000 and a Homeowners policy with a limit of $300,000, then with a million dollar umbrella, your limits become in effect, $1,500,000 on the auto policy and $1,300,000 on a homeowners liability claim. Umbrella policies are mainly used by those who have sizable unencumbered assets, such as a home with a large amount of equity to ensure that even a catastrophic claim will not allow those assets to be placed at risk.
Boiler Insurance (also known as boiler and machinery insurance or equipment breakdown insurance) insures against accidental physical damage to equipment or machinery.
Fidelity Bond is a form of casualty insurance that covers policyholders for losses that they incur as a result of fraudulent acts by specified individuals. It usually insures a business for losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees.
Flood Insurance protects against property loss due to flooding. Flooding is defined by the National Flood Insurance Program as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or two or more properties (at least one of which is your property) from: overflow of inland waters, unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from ANY SOURCE, and mudflows. This can be brought on by landslides, a hurricane, earthquakes, or other natural disasters that influence flooding.
Workers' Compensation Insurance replaces all or part of a worker's lost wages and accompanying medical expenses incurred because of a job-related injury.
Directors and Officers Insurance protects an organization (usually a corporation) from costs associated with litigation resulting from mistakes made by directors and officers for which they are liable. In the industry, it is usually called "D&O" for short.
Automobile Insurance is probably the most common form of insurance and may cover both legal liability claims against the driver and loss of or damage to the 
insured's vehicle itself.
Difference in Conditions or DIC Insurance provides coverage designed to close specific gaps in standard insurance policies and is usually available only for larger industrial or commercial risks. lt allows coverage to be customized to extend to such exposures as water damage, flood, collapse, earthquake, landslide, etc., according to the insured's needs. DIC coverage may be provided by means of a separate insurance policy or it may be added by endorsement to the basic policy.
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Glass- The extensive use of plate glass in modern architecture has produced a special comprehensive insurance that covers not only plate glass but glass signs, motion-­picture screens, halftone screens and lenses, glass bricks, glass doors, and so forth. lt may be Written to cover loss from any source except fire or nuclear radiation. Glass policies provide invaluable coverage while avoiding high hurricane deductibles.
GaragekeepersCoverage for bodily injury, property damage or destruction, for which the insured garage and/or its representatives become legally liable resulting from the operation of the garage. This type of policy is also used for Valet.